The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
Intellectual Property Rights Chapter

Closed-door negotiations are continuing on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which could potentially impact the way the Internet works for American taxpayers, innovators and the global Internet community. Because the Obama Administration has kept citizens, many-stakeholders and Congress in the dark, little is known about the intellectual property (IP) rights chapter of TPP beyond rumors and a February 2011 U.S. draft proposal. While we share the agreements stated goal of strengthening IP rights protections, the process should be done openly and collaboratively, with any outcome protecting individual rights and the expanding vibrancy and growth of the Internet. To date, we believe that TPP falls short.

With careful consideration, and in response to the Administration’s continued refusal to negotiate transparently and inclusively, we have opened the February 2011 United States TPP proposal for public comment, edits and improvements here in the Madison platform. We invite the Administration and other TPP negotiating countries to listen to your input, because we believe you deserve better than more back-room deal-making that could result in a legally-binding product that harms the Internet, does little to enhance IP protections, and further erodes your ability to freely access information. And as we have learned from SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, the public has a strong desire for the Federal government to engage in an open and collaborative process on matters impacting the Internet. Listening to your input and working with you can lead to better results for stakeholders, innovators and individual Internet users.

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