Federal Information Security Management Act of 2012

Cybersecurity threats represent one of the most serious national security, public safety, and economic challenges we face as a nation. These threats range from individual criminal hackers to organized criminal groups, from terrorist networks to advanced nation states. Unfortunately, it also appears that this threat will likely never go away, so we must get more proficient at confronting the threat. In the words of the President, “cybersecurity is a challenge that we as a government or as a country are not adequately prepared to counter.”

The Federal Information Security Amendments Act of 2012 enhances the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002 by improving the framework for ensuring security over the information technology systems that support the federal government. It establishes a mechanism for stronger oversight through a focus on automated and continuous monitoring of cybersecurity threats and conducting regular threat assessments.

Currently, federal agencies are struggling with cyber-security threats, and this update to FISMA is aimed to incorporate the last decade of technological innovation, while also addressing FISMA shortcomings realized over the past years. FISMA had become a compliance activity, even at times when compliance appeared to supersede security.

This update is long overdue and inaction is no longer acceptable: that’s why Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is introducing FISMA 2.0 here in Madison. The bill is the product of years of House Oversight Committee fact-finding and close consultation with key stakeholders on the front lines of government and private-sector cybersecurity efforts – including public full committee and subcommittee hearings.

Bottom line: FISMA 2.0 addresses the cybersecurity threats of today while giving agencies the agility and flexibility to adapt to the threats of tomorrow.

So sign up, weigh in and help us deliver a government that cooperates, communicates and collaborates to better protect its vital information systems.
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